Waiting, wishing…


Michael and I are awaiting some news. Some exciting news. We are waiting to hear if we have won a competition. This competition to be precise. Basically, a couple months ago we got it into our heads that we HAD to take a road tip and that now, now, now was the right time. So, for the last few months we’ve been saving, and working, and penny pinching all in preparation for this monumental trip. The plan is to drive from New York to New York and take in as much of the US as we can in between. Well, as much of the circumference of the US actually – it is just so big! Anyway, this competition is for an all expenses paid road trip from LA to NY. Not quite the same, but an amazing experience none the less (and one with far fewer chances of us running out of money on the way). So all fingers are corssed and by tomorrow we should know.

In the meantime? Yoga, dinner with friends and drinks on top of the Wythe Hotel (pictures to follow).

By the way, there will be lots and lots of road trip talk very soon. I’ll put a list up of our route ASAP and I would love comments and tips on where to go and what to see (and especially what to eat).


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