Weekend Whimsy

lazy lazy lazy lazy lazy...

A lazy weekend in Brooklyn for this Violet. I intend on laying very close to my fan whilst drinking ice water and reading my book.

I’m also going to see this movie on Sunday afternoon. (NYC movie theaters can afford far more air conditioning than I.) It’s getting great reviews and the writer/director uses a lot of improv in her films. I love directors who leave room for actors to play and create. I think it  gives film a sense of spontaneity. Reviews to follow.

I’m also listening to Fiona Apple’s new album non-stop. I read this article on her before I listened. I think the journalist fell in love with her a little and I really like it.

My favorite Moth Story. Thank God she didn’t have Facebook…

I had the bread rolls at the John Dory Oyster Bar at the Ace Hotel this week. They are so good. Like perfectly hot and salty and crusty and too, too good to imagine. Thank God they are $5. It would be dangerous if they were any cheaper.

I plan on staying cool by making a pitcher of this.

On the 4th I learned that Rockaway Beach now has a Caracas and a Steve’s Ice Cream. So much goodness and a beach? Brooklyn (I think it is technically Queens) you treat us well.

Happy weekend folks.


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