On The Road Take Two

road trip.

The time has come to share our news.

Michael and I have booked all the necessary parts to our road trip and we will begin our journey on August 23rd! Just 11 short days away. (Oh my God, there’s so much to do).

This adventure actually began many months ago over maps and rental websites. For the longest time a little part of me wasn’t sure if it would really happen. Now, we have booked the tickets, rented the car, found someone to sublet  and mapped our route. Expect the next couple of posts to be rife with road trip planning details. Michael and I have divided the cities we will be visiting between us – I have 4, he has 3 or 4 (depending on whether we stop in Memphis or not). The plan is to create a packet for each City with short histories, landmarks to visit, food to eat, hidden treasures, etc. I’m really excited to learn more about this crazy large country and to get to explore so many different landscapes.

This trip is going to be very special. Michael and I have spent the summer apart and I think we’re both looking forward to spending some uninterrupted time together. Even though the driving will be long and tiring, I am so excited to listen to books on tape, read magazine articles to each other and get lost in little towns that feel like the middle of anywhere . I also have a feeling that things are going to get busier and busier in the next couple of years. Right now, things are lovely and simple and I think this trip is about reveling in our freedom.

I’ll put a map up tomorrow but for now here is our route:

Los Angeles – Phoenix – Austin – New Orleans – Memphis (maybe) – St. Louis – Chicago – Pittsburgh – Brooklyn.

16 days, 8 cities, 1 person who suffers from motion sickness and 1 rental car – my, it is going to be an adventure.

I’ll post our city guides because I truly believe in sharing secrets. I’ll also be posting from the road.

I think the best part of this trip (any trip like this really) is that I have no idea what to expect and sometimes that’s the most delightful feeling.


2 thoughts on “On The Road Take Two

  1. This sounds so exciting! I’m totally stealing that packet idea when I finally get to take my road trip. I’m sure you guys will be super busy exploring, but if you need a friendly face, or a food/bar rec in LA, feel free to hit me up!

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