Thursday Things

 Dylan Thomas’ Writing Room

It’s october and the cold has come to New York. This has spurred some manic cleaning and organization on my part. I can feel the cold days of winter coming and I know that means lots of long days and nights tucked away in my apartment. With that in mind, I would like my apartment to be a beautiful, magical space. Also, there’s a mouse in my house (!?!). In an effort to make this a less traumatizing experience (I hate mice), I have named him Fred, but really I’d just like him out of my house.

Michael and I are both doing a lot of work from home these days, so we are going to be rearranging, decorating and making a little office nook in our living room. Right now, the desktop is on the kitchen table, notepads and bags are everywhere and it’s just bad feng shui. I’m really excited to re-home our home and to have a space for working here. I am a writing in bed kind of girl but I’d really like to break that habit. I’m trying to find balance and not allow this working from home thing take over my home. I’m making a schedule for work blogging, violet grows blogging,  time when I’m at home by myself and time for Michael and I. It’s a work in progress but it’s a pretty lovely problem to have.

In other news, wonderful things are happening. Lots of opportunity and lots of support from the world. Fall, though it is the prettiest season, has been known to be a difficult one for me.  The summer is over and the dread of winter starts nagging. I get anxious about the upcoming holidays (also excited). And I recently realized, that there may be another factor contributing to my autumnal blues. The truth is, I am always a little sad that there is no new backpack to buy or notebooks to christen. I was one of those kids who loved going back to school in September.  I would get butterflies on the way to school in the morning. I would excitedly recount all the details of my new class room and my new teacher on the journey home. I couldn’t wait to do my homework! (This homework excitement faded after the first week). College, with its freedom and friends and (amazing, amazing) faculty only made the feeling more intense. September, without a bag full of books and a planner packed with assignments is always a little disappointing for me. Especially since the first few Septembers post graduation can be a little aimless. I’m adjusting. This Fall has been my best yet and it is because I am learning to enjoy all the lovely. little things one can do when they’re not spending Fall in a class room.

Apple picking and pie baking.

Bicycle rides before the snow hits the ground.

Pumpkin carving.

Soup making.

Farmer’s markets.

Sitting in the park eating lunch whilst it is still warm.

Watching Hocus Pocus

Watching movies in general (guilt free since some of the days are cold and grey).

Eating sweet things: apple cider donuts, toffees, candy bars, pumpkin pies, carrot/nut breads (it really is a season for baking).

Also, I recently saw The Babysitter’s Club again (whilst babysitting obviously). I am seriously thinking that Dawn is my costume this year (90’s flashback is my favorite kind of costume, a couple of years ago I was Clarissa from Clarissa from Clarissa Explains it All).


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