A Violet Films in Brooklyn


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Exciting news!

I spent this week filming a German TV show called Simply Dana! It follows Dana Schweiger, (a German celebrity and retired model) as she travels to different locations around the world. It’s in its second season and it is a mix between travel show and documentary (they call it “Docutainment”).

Dana was visiting Williamsburg and I was hired to be her Williamsburg tour guide. It was all very exciting. I got to buy lots of new clothes and White+Warren, the fashion label I blog for, let me wear some of their clothes as well. Dana was lovely, as was the crew, though my lack of German made for some interesting conversations. I took the show to some of my favorite places in Williamsburg (Diner and St. Mazie) and also introduced them to the wonderful artist (and my dear friend), Christina Justiz. Filming was surprisingly exhausting – I was on camera the whole time and because the show is all fly by the seat of your pants, there are a lot of hurry up and wait moments. On the second day, I broke down and had a cappuccino (this is a huge deal because I NEVER drink coffee, I don’t even like it) but I was supposed to be a peppy, Williamsburg fashionista! So, a cappuccino-fueled fashionista I was. Also, when you have cappuccino with two sugars – it is more like sugar and milk than coffee.

We finished shooting on Thursday and I spent all day Friday resting. It was a delightful experience and one that I am hoping lead to a lot more opportunities in the future. Now that I’m fully recovered, I have an apartment to clean (Michael and I are still working on decorating, we are looking for the perfect double desk for our office) and I also have a small Halloween get together to plan. I started carving pumpkins yesterday and I made Smitten Kitchen‘s Pumpkin Seed Brittle. It’s pretty delicious. I would toast the pumpkin seeds next time with a little cinnamon dusted on top, but the recipe is essentially butter and sugar so you can’t go wrong.

P.S. I’m getting a new computer soon. I am so excited. I’ve been working with a dinky little netbook for years now and next month I am going to be a real girl with my very own macbook pro!

P.P.S If you find yourself in Switzerland, Austria or Germany check out Simply Dana (I’m in 2 episodes!)


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