Uninspired and a Little Tired…


Oh, I have just been feeling terribly uninspired lately. It is just the worst. I have half written so many posts over the last few weeks but I just can’t seem to get anything I like together. So, your stuck with some honesty and some wandering writing.

I’m in Texas spending the Holidays with my dad: wearing his big sweaters, drinking hot chocolate every day (something reserved only for when I’m visiting him), watching movies, and going to bed around 9pm because there’s very little to do in this pretty suburb of Dallas. It is a delightful and much needed rest.

Before I got here, I started getting pretty sick and I’m still fighting off my cold today. It’s getting better and I’m pretty positive it was my body telling me to slow down, so I’m really trying to listen. I’m not one of those people who is terribly in touch with their body. In fact, I’m pretty much completely out of touch. I take it completely for granted and I consistently forget that it is just as linked to my mind and my emotions as my thoughts are. In the last few years (read: after experiencing a bout of hives brought on by anxiety) I’ve come to learn that my body is a great indicator for what’s going on with my mind. I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed all week. More often than not, being overwhelmed is a state of mind for me. I need to feel overwhelmed so as not to deal with what’s really going on. Being overwhelmed keeps me busy, keeps me tired, keeps me feeling like I’m just not good enough. It is really toxic. Hence, the terrible cold. So, I have a cold, but I no longer feel overwhelmed and by the end of this week I should be very well rested.

Whilst in Texas, I get to catch up on lots of lovely creative things that I’ve wanted to check out but haven’t had the time. Like…

Buying the book Blog Inc to learn how I can be a more effective Violet

Watching The Life of Pi, which was a truly beautiful film

Reading this great article on Obama

Watching episodes of Jamie Oliver’s show Jamie’s Great Britain (to get me all excited about visiting the UK)

And planning my trip to Switzerland! I’m spending two days there with Michael on the way to the UK. Any recommendations or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I will be writing soon. More inspired and well rested than before….


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