Weekend Whimsy and Big News

It is December: there are gift guides galore, holiday songs on repeat, Christmas trees lining the sidewalks and gingerbread houses on display.

This is a week filled with some lovely whimsies:

Garance Dore finally opened a store. I’m sort of in love with her Early Winter poster (it’s currently my desktop). Plus, they are mighty affordable!

HBO released the Girls Season 2 trailer – something to look forward to once all the holiday fun is over.

I’ve begun reading Yvette Van Boven‘s new cookbook Homemade Winter. Oh my goodness, it makes you wish you were Dutch! Also, I want to bake everything.

Finally, the BIG NEWS: I got a new job! As of December 1st, I am working with Yotel New York as the social media copy writer and blog contributer. I am beyond excited to expand my little blogging world. Be sure to check them out, I got a tour of the hotel today and my, my it is fancy and futuristic.

Happy weekend folks!


Image via ashleyinyourpocket.tumblr.com


P.S. I have finally decided a blogging schedule! A personal post will be released every Wednesday and a Weekend Whimsy will be posted every Friday and it will always end with a weekend wisdom. Enjoy!


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