Gift List Wish List

I’ve been working on a Gift Guide this week and it’s exposed me to some lovely little things. I’m sure you’ve all bought and wrapped your gifts…but just in case you haven’t, here are some ideas. Given my last post, this art print shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise. So, for all the tea lover’s you know:


Available at and photo via Poppy Talk Handmade

These candles are delightful. Is there a more comforting smell than pencil shavings? All of the excitement of the first day of school in a candle. Plus, Catbird is one of my very favorite places to shop in Brooklyn.


Available at and photo via Catbird Brooklyn

Ich Liebbe Dich means I Love You in German and it is the first phrase I learned from my closest German friends. These Gingerbread earrings from Tatty Devine (they also make a necklace and cufflinks) are maybe the most charming Holiday jewels around.


Available at and photo via Tatty Devine

These sweaters reminds me of Wales. I want to wear one whilst I drink some hot chocolate and build a gingerbread house. Image And finally, what is maybe the coolest necklace ever…


Available at and image via Harrods

I could do this forever…but quickly, if your looking for stocking stuffers try this HomeMade Cookie Stamp, these Hollywood Hall of Fame Tea Bags or a Mast Brothers chocolate bar (I’m a little obsessed with their Maine Sea Salt). Happy shopping lovelies! Plus, this weekend’s quote:

Image via


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