Nadolig Llawen!

(Nadolig Llawen is Welsh for Merry Christmas)

Apologies for the radio silence – there were presents to buy, minced pies to make and adventures in Switzerland to be had. Today is Boxing Day in the UK, the national day for cozy sweaters, walks in the countryside and watching films with family. This evening,we are making homemade pizza from Homemade Winter by Yvette Von Boven (I am deeply in love with this cookbook).

There are some cozy days in Wales planned before Michael heads to Prague. A couple of days after he leaves, I will be meeting him in Venice for New Years Eve (plus 2 more days). I am beyond excited to drink spritz and eat my weight in Italian food – it’s my first time in Italy! Any suggestions for the Floating City would much appreciated…

My posting schedule is all off right now but will resume after January 4th when this Violet returns to her Brooklyn home. I promise adventures and guides to Zurich and Venice (and maybe even a Prague guide from Michael). In the meantime, imagine me as Marilyn riding ski lifts in the Swiss Alps!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and a relaxing week of family, friends and love…

See you in 2013!


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