Weekend Whimsy: Girls


I am still getting my writing schedule back on track so this weekend post is a little late. Today the new season of Girls airs and some friends and I are gathering to drink wine, eat squares of dark chocolate and laugh for 30 minutes.  I am very excited. The show takes a lot of flack but I like it. I think it is thoughtful and honest and very well written. More than the show, I’ve come to realize I like Lena Dunham a lot. Girls is not flawless by any means and I recognize and understand many of it’s criticisms. But each time I hear an interview with Lena or better yet, read one of her essays I become enamored with her writing, her frankness and her humor. This weekend whimsy is all about “the ladies”.

Lena Dunham’s Nora Ephron article for the New Yorker is so delightful. It is sort of my dream come true. Plus her most recent article about her college boyfriend.

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey will be hosting the Golden Globes tonight. This NYMag article on their friendship is getting me very excited.

Finally, these two friends are truly the best. Cher and Dionne for the win:


Via pinterest.com

Via pinterest.com


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