A List For Girls With Boyfriends Who Go Out Of Town


Things to be grateful for whilst Michael is out of town for 6 weeks:

No one makes fun of me for going to sleep at 11pm.

I have a bath everyday.

More free days for my friends and I to do the following: brunches, potlucks, cocktail hours, writing meetings, dinners at Mission Chinese, baking dates, movie nights and museum visits. As well as some quality down time spent in pajamas with hot cups of tea (possibly watching Clueless).

Less distractions so I can focus on work. (The internet still exists whilst he is gone, I’m not sure this is a true benefit.)

One less excuse for not going to yoga.

My milk lasts twice as long.

No wet towels on the floor/bed/kitchen table.

More closet space.

Things I am sad about because Michael is out of town for 6 weeks:

It’s always so quiet.

I laugh 80% less of the time.

There’s no one to wake me up and tell me the weird things they dreamt about.

I have to make all of my own cups of tea.

The bed is bigger.

I keep forgetting to water the plants.

It never smells like coffee in the morning.

There is no one to hold hands with.

Short post for a short week. More on Friday, your whimsy and your wisdom have come early this week!

Johnny Cash’s To Do List via http://www.listsofnote.com


2 thoughts on “A List For Girls With Boyfriends Who Go Out Of Town

  1. umm, hello!!! Your stand-in substitute Cohen member is here ready to fill in!!

    + i can drink alcohol, do yoga, have a steam room and like chick fliks and museums and we can share clothes and makeup!

    – I will not make out with you and plants die swiftly in my care

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