From Wales With Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you are al having a day filled with beautiful people and beautiful things. These are my last few days in Wales before I fly back to Brooklyn. It has been a lovely visit and though I am sad to say goodbye to everyone, I am really excited to see my street and my subway stop and the stairs to my apartment because then I will know that I am home.

I forgot how different it is to live in a house filled with people. My little life in Brooklyn is so quiet and peaceful, especially since Michael has been out of town. Here in Wales, it is all talk, talk, talk, go, go, go (it’s especially busy because everyone is in town for the Birthday Boy). I am looking forward to breakfast at my desk in the morning, reading my book in the afternoons and listening to Fleetwood Mac whilst I get dressed. (Though I have no doubt I will miss this noisy house as soon as I land at JFK).

For now, I will be enjoying all the lovely little things it means to be home:


Toast with butter and marmalade.

Proper British tea.

Watching movies in front of the fire with my whole family.

Cooking with my mom.

I hope you are spending this day with the people and the things that you love most.

Also, this Oscar nominated animated short film, Paperman is ever so appropriate for today!


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