Weekend Whimsy: Slowly Spring

Dare I say that Spring is in the air? There’s 5 more days until the Spring Equinox but the crocuses have begun to bloom and a little warmth has peeked into these early March days. Transitions between seasons are always a little odd for me. I’m so excited for Spring that I can’t quite accept that it is arriving in it’s own sweet, sweet time. As we all feel the ground shifting beneath us; the bulbs bursting through the soil after months of preparation, let’s take the weekend to revel in the little moments, slow as they come.

I’m really looking forward to spending a rainy afternoon in my slippers reading this article written by Nora Ephron’s son.

I’m a tried and true NPR girl myself, but Heritage Radio station (out of Roberta’s in Bushwick) is quickly becoming my new obsession. I particularly like After The Jump hosted by Grace Bonney (the founder of Design Sponge). She chats with some truly interesting and inspiring entrepreneurs and creators. I like to listen to the podcasts in the morning whilst I am making breakfast (it also gets me through many a long subway ride).

I really want to go and get a slice of pie before it’s all ice cream and icicles. Four and Twenty Blackbirds had a Pi Day yesterday where slices were on sale in all new flavors. While I curse myself for missing this, I do sense it will motivate me to get myself to Gowanus this weekend!

I think Charles Dickens says it best:

Happy Weekend Folks.


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