Weekend Whimsy: Lazy Lady


image via theaccidentalexecutive.tumblr.com

I’m hoping for a very relaxing weekend: sleeping in, watching movies, walking around aimlessly, reading and drinking tea. I’m trying to make a conscious effort to relax and make time for myself. I always work better when I’ve had a little space form the busy, dizzy world out there. Wishing all of you a lazy weekend with long baths and baking.

I quite fancy making Smitten Kitchen‘s coconut bread tomorrow morning.

I found this blog from my college. It’s filled with images of iconic Sarah Lawrence women and lots of photos taken from the school’s archive. It makes me all whimsical for my college days and for the days before I arrived when it was a charming (and pretty wild for a period of time there) playground for women looking to learn.

I recently discovered the website The Great Discontent. It is a journal of interviews with artists and creators. I think it’s going to be my new favorite place for finding new talent and inspiration. The interviews are very compelling and interesting. (Also, I just love the name).

Michael and I saw the Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts at IFC this week. It’s such a fun date and the films are each so different and incredible. My favorite was Fresh Guacamole by the filmmaker PES. it’s so clever and humorous. Don’t you think? His other videos have a similar cheekiness and beauty to them.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Whimsy: Lazy Lady

  1. Really liked Smitten`s Kitchen and enjoyed Fresh Guacamole…..good stuff! Box of Smile by Yoko was interesting…

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