Weekend Whimsy: Spring Holidays

This week I was given the most perfect gift – a daffodil plant. It means a lot to this Welsh girl to have a bit of home on her windowsill.  I’m spending Sunday with my very dear friend Lilli – we have a standing date each Easter and I’m looking forward to a long, lazy brunch. I hope you all have a lovely long-weekend and fingers crossed, there’ll be some sunshine!

I just discovered the website/video series Smart Girls At The Party by Amy Poehler. It’s a smart and charming site dedicated to encouraging young women to find success by simply being who they are. Check out Amy’s interview with the legendary Irma Kalish below.

I attended a housewarming party this weekend and brought a bottle of Dorothy Parker Gin. It’s my new favorite hostess present because it’s distilled just two blocks away from my apartment and it is a real (and delicious) taste of Williamsburg. I highly recommend it for your friends (or you!)

I so want to get my hands on a copy of The Gentlewoman – it looks like the most beautiful and compelling magazine and it’s the perfect place to find inspiring women and funky brands/artists.


Also, started watching Homeland this week – my life is over.

Some Weekend Wisdom for us all.



4 thoughts on “Weekend Whimsy: Spring Holidays

  1. Hi Chelsey, I like you blog…I made the coconut bread, it’s yummy with my mums home made jam.
    Happy Easter
    Amy P x

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