When Hibernation Ends

This last week I tried out my new writing schedule and I am happy to announce that it was a great success. What a thing, to have structure and organization in your everyday. How delightful, to know when you are working and when you are finished! It was a true game changer for this little freelancer. Working from home, creating your own job, your own hours and your own niche can be very exciting and wonderfully free form, but it can also be scary. It is often difficult to draw the line between work and life, especially when you are young and want to succeed. I am exploring these issues a lot this year:  personal value, work/life boundaries, responsibility and accountability, balancing, letting go.  To be your own boss is to always be accountable, to always be measured by your harshest critic.

After a fairly indulgent weekend (I had friends in town, Easter brunches to attend and a particularly perfect glass of rose on top of the Wythe Hotel on the first sunny day we’ve seen so far in Brooklyn) I am ready to be back at my desk. I have finally caught up with the fact that it is Spring: the time to plant your seeds for the months ahead. I am yearning to buckle down and get to work. I am ready to fulfill my promises and finish up my projects. I can’t express how grateful I am that this sensation has arrived. I was feeling stuck in my winter hibernation for a little too long; aware it was time to wake up but oh so hesitant to do so. Now is the time for cleaning and organizing. The sun hangs in the air a couple hours longer allowing us so a few more precious hours each day. I am craving radishes and ramps, bright and early wake up calls, 10pm bedtimes and afternoon walks through these Brooklyn streets. Spring is in the air friends. Fingers crossed my momentum (and the weather) hold strong.

Also, a little side not for this April 1st:

Today is a special day. It is the birthday of a very important person. Sometimes there are little surprises in life that exceed our imaginations and make us grateful for the unknown. When I met my friend (roughly ten or so years ago) I could never have comprehended the value his presence and friendship would have in my life. Some people show up in our world and, by some lovely of twist of fate, are just what we need.  It is these people who remind us to always believe.

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

-Roald Dahl

Thank you friend. Happy, happy birthday. 


2 thoughts on “When Hibernation Ends

  1. …Light nights are such a blessing, feels like there are sooo many more hours in the day. Happy to hear you so happy 🙂 – Sounds like you may have forgot your uncle Ne Ne 😦 x

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