More and Less

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I just finished the incredible book, The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. I highly reccomend it to anyone pursuing an artistic endeavor. Or a job they are passionate about. Actually, I reccomend it for all humans. It attempts to put us face to face with our innner saboteour and our need to resist those things that might make us happy in the long run. It is all about conquering fear, resistance and our need for immeadiate gratification. It certainly makes procrastinantion difficult, I’ll say that. It’s incredible to find how many resistances you relate to in the book – and how many you’re convinced you don’t fall prey to (you probably fall prey to them more than the others). Ironically, I insisted on borrowing the book from my good friend. I finally got my hands on it and read the first few chapters only to put it down the very next day. I made up some brilliant excuse about not enjoying reading it on the subway and I didn’t come back to it for two weeks! Resistance:1 Chelsey:0. It’s such a perfect example of everything the book talks about. Eventually I did pick it up again and I loved it. It challenged my habits and the way I conduct myself in my business life and in my personal life. It opened my eyes to a number of  habits I have cultivated that take me out of my work and it helped me find tools to overcome them. I finished that book. And I wrote this post. So today I have beaten resistance twice and tonight I can go to sleep happy.

This week, I’m  starting a new practice with my time management – less is more. I tend to book every moment of my day. New York is so busy and exciting. There’s work to do, people to see, delicious restaurants to try and parties to attend. If it was up to me I would schedule and organize every waking hour, always using my time as effectively as possible. I’ve come to realize that booking myself up and busying every available hour actually makes me feel overwhelmed all of the time. In it’s own way this allows me to slack off and be “too stressed” to accomplish what’s really important (resistance habit number one). This week my inner organizer is taking some time off. I’m making plans only on the days I am inspired to and I am encouraging myself to go with the flow.

With that in mind, I’m going to work and then I’ll see where the day takes me!


3 thoughts on “More and Less

  1. Thanks for the inspiration. I have the same problem with the feeling that I need to schedule my whole day. But you’re absolutely right about going with the flow. I’m going to check this book out of the library today. Writing is my career and I have to fight the resistance and guilt I feel when I do my own writing. But in the last few months, I’ve been writing my face off and creating weird, probably terrible wall art. You know what? It’s therapeutic and makes me smile. Good for you lady! I’m taking a cue from this post.

  2. I will be sure and get this book! I will say that I have found in most endeavors, “less is more”. I was told this many years ago by a best friend…S.R.V. It seems to ring true most always….

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