Weekend Whimsy: Bare Legs

The sun is here and everyone is out to play! This weekend Michael is out of town so I’m working, cleaning and maybe even doing a little sunbathing.

image via one love pictures

I want to spend all of my Sunday mornings in these cozy pajamas with a cup of tea, the newspaper and anything from Sleepy Jones. I would also like this ceramic mug from Leif to be a part of that little daydream.

I discovered The Equals Project this week. It’s an amazing website featuring essays and photographs by women. They’re in the process of creating a print magazine – your should check out their indiegogo campaign and donate a litte.

Also, I’m wishing I could be attending the Food Book Fair this year. It’s being held at The Wythe Hotel and it features speakers from NY Times, Smitten Kitchen and the Diner Journal!

Finally, I can’t wait for the new book Daily Rituals: How Artists Work to be at my desk. It’s either a perfect inspiration tool or a perfect procrastination one…

Have a gorgeous weekend, this seems like the right way to start it!


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