Weekend Whimsy: Back from the Blue


It has been too long. I apologize for the long hiatus. Due to some personal issues, I’ve been unable to write. But today, marks the day I am back. And my, does it feel good.

A lot has taken place since my last post – immense beauty and powerful heartbreak. Today’s post is about looking forward and  toward the light. I know it’s Sunday and that it is a little late for a weekend post, but in case you haven’t had a moment of whimsy yet, this if for you!

I just finished breakfast/brunch with Michael at SCRATCHbread. I think it is my new favorite breakfast spot in NYC. It is delicious and healthy. All of the bread is handmade. The grits are incredible (and I don’t even like grits) and the menu is packed with interesting combos. There’s no seating. Just a little window to order out of and some benches nearby. For me, this little arrangement  surpasses any of those NYC brunches with  all of the long waits and quick turnarounds. Also, their ScratchChai with peppercorns, dates and cardamom (which I am sipping as I write) is the best chai tea I’ve ever tasted. Ever.

I’m about halfway through A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Ann Fowler. First of all, it’s a beautiful book –  the cover is a perfect shade of blush pink and the cover illustration and font are dreamy. I’m not usually such a design geek but it is just so in-keeping with the book and the aesthetics of the time. Now that I’ve fully judged my book by it’s cover, I can say that (so far) it is the most fun. It’s packed with Dorothy Parker parties, absinthe trips, speakeasies and follies. Plus, it’s narrated by Zelda so I get to read the entire book using my finest Southern Belle accent.

Since the sun has finally come out, I encourage you all to enjoy a chilled glass of rose. I recently discovered Farmers Jane Wine Company at my local wine store, Vine Wine (they are awesome and they specialize in natural, biodynamic and organic wines). Famers Jane is a small company founded by two best friends from California. The wines are delicate and balanced and the rose is my  current favorite wine for the summer. The brand’s name is a nod to the book Farmer Jane by Temra Costa – “Farmer Jane tells 30 stories of exceptional women leaders that are working on … change by farming, educating, advocating, and/or transforming how we eat through their food businesses.”* The owners of the wine label loved the focus on transparency, sustainability and the feminine presence. My summer plan is to read the book on my stoop with a glass of Famers Jane in hand.

Some wisdom for the end of your weekend:

via http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/1e/e3/96/1ee3969695e38428729e1d8ba3fa4b87.jpg



P.S. Since my last post, my lovely boyfriend gifted me the book I was obsessing over – Daily Rituals: How Artists Work. I was right, it is the best way to procrastinate and he is the best for surprising me with it.

*Quote via http://www.farmerjane.org/book.html


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