Weekend Whimsy: Summer in the City

I’m looking forward to getting back into my Monday/Friday blogging schedule. This last month I haven’t had a lot of time or energy to devote to my work. I’m feeling newly energized and focused and I’m really looking forward to the summer months ahead. This little leo loves some sunshine and is ready for all that Vitamin D to energize and invigorate her.

I’ve got a delightful weekend ahead filled with friends, BBQs, rooftops and out-of-towners (plus, a haircut!!!). Here’s a handful of things I’m looking forward to this week:

One of the most redeeming parts of summer in New York (making up for the heat and the slow subways) are the movie screenings in the park. Each little area of New York has it’s own screening and style. McCarren Park here in Williamsburg knows it’s audience well and is showing a mismatch of 90’s classics. They just released their calendar and I’m so excited for evenings of wine and cheese and the likes of Speed and The Craft projected onto a big screen!

Michael and I joined the East Williamsburg CSA this Summer and are so excited for our first delivery ! I’m already reading up and researching recipes for seasonal meals…

Reading My Tea Leaves‘ (one of my favorite blogs) most recent post was insanely charming and has inspired me to begin a weekly (and eventually daily, once Michael finishes his show) tradition of taking a post-dinner walk with the one I love. We only have a couple of months left until he goes to grad school, so I’m trying to soak him up whilst I can.

Plus, I’m looking forward to the other magical parts of Summer in NYC:

Trips to the Hamptons, Rockaway Taco, People’s Pops on a sweaty day, birthday parties, thunderstorms, Governor’s Island and Red Hook Food Vendors!

Summer is just one week away….



3 thoughts on “Weekend Whimsy: Summer in the City

  1. …good to see you got your mo jo back 🙂 – You make NY seem so wonderfully exciting in the Summer…I wanna go watch movies in the park!

  2. Hello little Violet…I love how your growing….hope life is going your way again, I know it’s been an emotionally draining time, I felt your pain. Now you have the summer to look forward to,the heat of the sun, the blooming of the flowers,the smiling faces of fellow New Yorkers….the long days…the prospect of seeing fairy god mamma Lolly in September…yay!!! All good in Bali my friend Libby is coming in two weeks so that’s keeping me excited,mum talked about bringing Caitlin out for a break..not sure how that one’s panning out of course would be delighted…..it’s time for my bed now,I’m sending you a BIG MASSIVE HUG…and a little one for Michael,take care and enjoy…lots of love xxxxxx

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