Weekend Whimsy: June Moon

These days in Brooklyn have been quite delightful. Sunshine, cool breezes and plenty of friends to celebrate with. Michael’s show (which got reviewed in the New York Times!) ends next week and though I know he’s really sad to see it finish, I’m a little excited to get him back during the evenings. Summer nights in New York become so, so special as the weather warms up. They are this short, cool respite from the crazy intense heat that persists all day long. I am looking forward to buying a popsicle and taking a late night walk through Brooklyn together. We’re planning on making a special date for a midnight walk tomorrow evening to see the ‘super moon‘! The moon will be closer to the earth than it has been all year.

Before he’s back to his regular schedule, I’ve got a couple of girly evenings and outings:

Lilli and I are booked for a movie date to see Frances Ha. Lilli has already seen it and wants to see it again with me – I cannot wait. Plus, we both also want to see Bling Ring – mostly out of curiosity.

Checking out the new Balinese restaurant in Brooklyn, Selamat Pagi, with my god sister who lived in Bali and will be the best test taster! (It’s owned by the same folks who own Van Leeuwen Ice Cream so I have high hopes.)

Obsessing over The New Potato – a food and lifestyle website founded by two sisters. Their interview with Man Repeller was pretty awesome. (Also, finally got my copy of CherryBombe, I’m headed for an afternoon in the park with it now!)


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