The Thick of It


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Things are pretty simple these days. There’s a peace of mind that comes with Summer. My work schedule slows down. The days pass lazily. The sun lingers in the sky. And I really try and revel – naps in the park, walks to lemonade stands. All sorts of lovely little details that I’m not so good at enjoying during the winter.

The sun makes me sleepy so I’ve been indulging in early nights and early mornings and looking forward to pending afternoons at the beach. I cannot wait for the exhaustion that only a day at the beach can give you. When your skin tastes like salt and there’s sand in your hair and every part of you feels sun soaked and sleepy. Fortunately, I’m taking a girls weekend to the Hamptons next week so all of my beachy dreams will be fulfilled. In the meantime there’s lots of writing to be done. I’ve been feeling a little lazy. It’s the downside to all that city sun. Though it’s invigorating and relaxing, it tends to result in short bursts of energy followed by a pretty strong desire for a nap. There’s a happy balance somewhere there. I’m really keen to take up yoga again and get back to meditating every morning. I’m feeling a little out of touch with myself and I think it’ll get me feeling centered again. The months have been flying by so fast that I’m having trouble keeping track of everything that’s taken place. Though I love spring and fall – they’re the best times of year in NYC if you ask me – they always rush by so fast! The plants, the weather, the landscape, the temperature, the activities, the clothing; everything is changing and it all feels like a whirlwind. Suddenly we’re spat out the other side in some harsh season where everything is slow and still again. I’m kind of ready for that now. Summer clothes, summer heat, summer adventures, summer laziness, summer fun, summer foods. I’m ready to be in the thick of it because at least I’ll know exactly where I am.


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