Weekend Whimsy: Taking Yourself On A Date



On my last day in LA, when my family had long gone, I took myself out on a date. My flight didn’t depart until 11pm and I had a whole day to myself in a way that you never get a day to yourself when you’re home. It was magical. I meditated, I packed, I took myself out for a perfect cappuccino. And then (even though the weather in LA is glorious) just because I felt like it, I took myself to a movie. 

I went to the fancy indie cinema and I got to sit in a big plush chair. I bought myself tea and overpriced organic chocolate and I didn’t worry about money or what anyone else wanted. I saw Short Term 12 and it was incredible. It was beautiful and sad and honest and funny and joyful and exquisite. And the end, the end was everything the end of a movie should be.

I can’t recommend the film, the acting (Brie Larson for the win) or the directing enough. After my movie, I took myself to get an In N Out burger and I called my best friend and we spoke for exactly 1 hour. And then I poured myself a glass of wine and ended my date. It was the most wonderful day. It wasn’t about doing anything special, it wasn’t about being alone per say (I work alone and get a good amount of alone time). But it was about embracing the alone time and letting myself know that it was just for me to do exactly what I wanted to do. It was about making that alone time special. 

So, this weekend, this week, this month, I encourage you to take yourself out on a date. Pretend your city isn’t your city, pretend there are no friends and no work and no money worries and no errands and no boyfriends to distract you. Pretend no one needs you and you are alone in New York (or wherever you live) for 24 hours and take yourself out on a little date.  

Happy Weekend!


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