Weekend Whimsy: A Chill In The Air


My room is freezing. The temperature has dropped considerably this week and I’ve brought out the heavy blankets and the scarves. But there’s one cold weather preparation I just can’t seem to face –  I can’t turn on the heating and I can’t close the windows, not just yet. Winter lasts so long and our apartment starts to feel stuffy and small so fast. For now, I’m wrapping up really cozy, taking lots of baths and scurrying as quickly as I can from bed to  shower every single morning.

Some whimsy for this chilly pre-Halloween weekend …

This Striped Wool Throw looks like the coziest thing to snuggle up in on a Fall afternoon.

I think I’m going to make this Butternut Squash Spaetzle this weekend – I still have a whole squash leftover from last week’s CSA delivery.

Speaking of food, this article by Gabrielle Hamilton is just wonderful – it’s all about her time in Italy with her Mother-in-Law and it makes you want to marry an Italian and runaway and eat tomatoes and eggplants all day. I read her book, Blood Bones and Butter, last year and her chapters on Italy were some of my favorites.

Last Sunday, I enjoyed an evening of live jazz at Basik. A band performs every week and it feels so seasonal to drink a hard cider with the crisp, Autumn air sneaking in and the saxophone singing away. I highly recommend it…

Happy Weekend!


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