Weekend Whimsy

What this weekend is all about for me: Getting out of bed early. Drinking tea and reading blogs. A long walk with my best friend. Working on creative projects. A few beers to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Roasting parsnips. Tea and stories with old friends. And channeling Jane Birkin.


Here’s a few sweet links for this unseasonable warm weekend, have a good one!

Reformation’s collaboration with Baron Van Fancy has resulted in the coolest blouses and maybe the most apropos sweater ever designed: Mercury was indeed in retrograde just last week!

This Diner Mug from Darling Magazine is the perfect stocking stuffer (and addition to my ever growing mug collection).

The newest collection of Nora Ephron works, Most of Nora Ephron, is just the thing to get me through all of the holiday travel waiting around.

Even though I live in Williamsburg, I’m finding all of my favorite coffee shops and cafes in the West Village these days…Mojo Coffee and Why Not Coffee, all day and all night.






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