So, I know there’s been a bit of radio silence here at Violet Grows. Apologies, apologies. It’s all been a bit much recently. I launched a business (Girl Gift Gather do check it out – I write for our blog frequently), I picked up a few new clients, I left a long beloved job and panicked a lot over change and growth. I’m working on finding a way to get back to writing here more frequently.
For now, since it’s Mother’s Day, and I have possible the most beautiful mother in the world, I share her with you.

Because she’s awesome. And cool. And she makes a perfect cup of tea. And she draws a bath like no other. And no restaurant will make me feel as full or happy as her cooking. And she can make me smile with her silly jokes and weird ideas. And she taught me how to give great gifts. And she made me make my bed every morning. And she lets me borrow her clothes. (And her make-up.) And she introduced me to hot water bottles. And she buys me stuffed animals that are always a little broken because she feels bad for them. And she makes up words to songs. And she taught me the value of travel. And of letting go. And she lays on pebble covered beaches with me looking at sunny skies. And I love her.


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