Weekend Whimsy: Sundays

Some late whimsy but whimsy neverthless. A few reads and recipes from around the web to make your Sunday morning a little more delicious. I’ll be cozied up drinking tea and reading articles with Michael.


I want nothing more to walk into my kitchen this morning and find that some wonderful Sunday Morning Fairy has whipped up these homemade English Crumpets. If that doesn’t end up being the case, I’ll probably just bake them next Saturday afternoon.

Embrace your inner Stone Fox Hippie this morning and read Molly Guy’s interview on The Coveteur. It’s an oldie but a goodie. And now I have a new dream for the end of my wedding day – cake in bed followed by ribs at Five Leaves.

And whilst we’re embracing hippies, this NYMag article on the cult versus the culture of Yoga is quite lovely (and very correct).

I’m seriously considering following The Man Repeller’s advice and going on an iPhone cleanse – it sounds sort of magical. I’m one of those people who secretly loves when they lose their phone or it breaks because it means I’m unreachable and it’s not my fault. Is that super weird? Maybe.

And finally, some inspiration for next week — everything sounds better when Ira Glass says it.


Sugar and Spice

Thinks have been very healthy around here lately….


I’ve had a recurring allergy for a couple of years now and in an effort to clear it up and figure it out I began an Elimination Diet 10 days ago. No dairy, no gluten, no sugar, no soy, no corn, no caffeine, no nightshades, no citrus, no red meat, no eggs and no sugary fruits (read:bananas, dates, figs etc). That’s a lot of NOs for a foodie like me.

There is actually plenty left to eat: quinoa, brown rice, fish, chicken and a cornucopia of vegetables. That being said, a lot of my usual staples have been outlawed. Most preciously, my morning cup of tea. No caffeine equals no black tea (and even if I was allowed caffeine no dairy equals no milk which equals no way in my opinion).

So what’s it like? I think about food a lot more often. I read all of the labels on everything. I eat a boatload of avocados. I make more. I say make because I don’t think of these things as cooking per say, I made hummus last week and I’m making almond milk today. I eat out less (because it’s just too difficult). I have a greater awareness of everything that’s in my food. I only eat whole foods. I sleep better. I find fruit to be extraordinarily sweet. I’m more creative with my cooking. Snacking is more boring. Food is more like fuel. Chocolate is sorely missed.

What’s been most difficult for me has been the social, emotional connection I have to food. A cup of tea is a morning ritual. A square of chocolate is a treat on a rainy afternoon. A glass of Malbec is an indulgence on a Thursday night. A day sampling  coffees, pastries, lunch and cocktails in Brooklyn is a day enjoying some of my favorite things. I’m trying to find these values in my new healthy routine – a green juice is an energizing fix, a cup of warm almond milk with cinnamon is a weekend luxury, a bowl of berries is a sweet way to end a meal. 

I have 11 more days before I begin re-introducing food. But I think my perspective on grocery shopping and eating out will  be a little different from now on. This has made me realize how even a “healthy” person can be out of sync with all of the “extras” that are in their food. Sugar in your almond butter, corn preservatives in your organic almond milk, soy preservatives in your coconut milk. It pays to stay knowledgeable about  what you’re putting inside your body and what brands you can trust.

Consider me enlightened.


Weekend Whimsy: 2014

Here in New York it feels like the weekend started early — the snow is piled high, the subways are slow and the day is perfect for bundling up and embarking on a chilly walk through slippery streets.

A round up for a snowy start to the year…

Man Repeller’s Horoscope summary for 2014 — the perfect breakdown for the lazy astrologist.

I’m headed to the Russian and Turkish Baths tomorrow. It’s the only way to get warm in this kind of weather!

And then to Han Dynasty for Dan Dan Noodles and other spicy things. The theory is, if I eat spicy enough food it’ll increase my internal body temp? This might be a stretch, but it’s really cold out there guys!

If you have some time this weekend and you want to feel embarrassed by how little you’ve accomplished — Tavi Gevinson and Lorde did a great interview in Rookie. It’s an inspiring, insightful discussion about creativity, feminism and the music industry (and they’re both 17 so, yeah).

Happy first weekend of 2014! May you have snowball flights and hot chocolates galore.

P.S. A new year a new look? Let me know your thoughts on the new aesthetic…







Weekend Whimsy: A Chill In The Air


My room is freezing. The temperature has dropped considerably this week and I’ve brought out the heavy blankets and the scarves. But there’s one cold weather preparation I just can’t seem to face –  I can’t turn on the heating and I can’t close the windows, not just yet. Winter lasts so long and our apartment starts to feel stuffy and small so fast. For now, I’m wrapping up really cozy, taking lots of baths and scurrying as quickly as I can from bed to  shower every single morning.

Some whimsy for this chilly pre-Halloween weekend …

This Striped Wool Throw looks like the coziest thing to snuggle up in on a Fall afternoon.

I think I’m going to make this Butternut Squash Spaetzle this weekend – I still have a whole squash leftover from last week’s CSA delivery.

Speaking of food, this article by Gabrielle Hamilton is just wonderful – it’s all about her time in Italy with her Mother-in-Law and it makes you want to marry an Italian and runaway and eat tomatoes and eggplants all day. I read her book, Blood Bones and Butter, last year and her chapters on Italy were some of my favorites.

Last Sunday, I enjoyed an evening of live jazz at Basik. A band performs every week and it feels so seasonal to drink a hard cider with the crisp, Autumn air sneaking in and the saxophone singing away. I highly recommend it…

Happy Weekend!

Finding a Groove

Fall is a season of change. And whilst some of that change is still taking place, the cold weather and I seem to finally be settling in.

Michael’s new schedule has been a real challenge at home. It’s different to have so much time in the house by myself and it’s taken a little getting used to. In fact, I’m still working on it – he’s apt to be in school till 10pm most nights (even Saturday!). I’m a structure loving girl and his school hours have changed the structure we’d grown to love.  My most recent evening-filling activity has been cleaning. I’ve spent the last three nights cleaning out my closet, my chest of drawers, my junk cabinets and so much more. Next week, I’m moving to the storage closet. There is nothing more satisfying or cleansing that getting rid of all of the clutter that’s been swallowing your space. (It takes forever for me to succumb to cleaning as an activity, but once I do, I’m convinced it’s the cure for everything.)

It’s all about adjusting and finding a new groove at my house and I feel like the same could be said for each one of my friends. Something comes along with the chill in Autumn air – the energy to create change.  Summer, with it’s sticky heat and and stretched out days makes for a sloth-like energy. But Fall is momentum. All around me matches are being struck and changes are being made.  It’s wonderful and bewildering, exhausting and exhilarating.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m one of those annoying Fall people who can’t get enough of the hot apple cider and sweater weather, but I often struggle to find my footing amongst all of the fresh starts and bare trees. Change can be daunting. The Earth is changing right now and like it or not, we’re all responding to it in some way or another (even if it’s simply by switching our closets from Summer to Winter).  In the last few years, I’ve learned that there are some small things I can do for myself to make these transitional times a little bit easier. One of those things is so simple, it’s almost embarrassing…

A good book is like a safety blanket for me.  As long as I can whip out my book, escape my worrying mind and travel to some distant world, laugh at some quippy prose or follow a mystery through to it’s reveal, then my day, will be a whole lot more manageable. So, this week, I trundled off to The Strand for a few hours and let myself browse (another instant recipe for happiness). And then, I settled on a book that I’d wanted to read but hadn’t ever really found the right mood for. I should say that the kind of book for this particular quandary is actually pretty important. It can’t be a difficult read. I love an Infinite Jest-sized novel as much as the rest of you, but I need to keep it a little light. (January is my time for mammoth English Lit worthy reading). Books of essays and memoirs are highly recommended – Nora Ephron’s books have gotten me through many a difficult few days.

So when I came across I Was Told There’d Be Cake by Sloane Crosley I knew that it was just what the doctor ordered. It’s short, sweet, sad and witty. The perfect thing to lift my mood when I take a crowded subway home at 6pm., a good read for Saturday mornings alone at a coffee shop or Tuesday nights when Michael’s at school late and I’ve got the house to myself. I guess, I’m used to having a companion more often than not. And during times of change, I need one more than ever. A good book, well it’s a damn fine companion.






Sometimes you return to New York energized, invigorated, rested and relaxed. Ready to take on the world, conquer the city, stay up all night dancing and discovering.

And sometimes you return to New York and it’s loud and fast and smelly and you feel quite simple like cuddling up in your bed. Suffice to say, I’m feeling the latter.

So this week, I’ve been a little indulgent. I’ve called my bed my office more than once. I’ve worn pajamas until 2 and drank Breakfast Tea well past breakfast time. I’m trying to be kind to myself about it, promising that’s it’s just for this week (whilst I’m adjust to the insane pace of city life).  I also make myself a bargain: office in bed = you must go to yoga class. It clears my head a bit and it makes me feel far less guilty. Plus, it usually energizes me.

Letting yourself slow down, take a breath and catch up isn’t a bad thing. In a city like New York you really have to remind yourself of that. It feels so lazy, so indulgent. But some part of me knows this time is actually critical to all that time I spend cavorting around the city.


Back to bed I go friends.



Champagne and Sparkles

1016715_636478654797_458171614_nToday begins the first of my birthday celebrations. Being a Leo means my birthday is more like a birthweek and all of my most special friends must participate in the madness. Since I will be off exploring the West Coast on my actual birthday, I am headed out for dinner and drinks tomorrow evening. I’m looking forward to lots of birthday cake frosting, shimmery dresses and pretty glassware. Plus, laughter and love with some damn fine friends.

A few links to brighten up your Tuesday – there are so many lovely summery things to be grateful for this month like parks and books and Woody Allen movies (and that the heatwave is finally over!).

Happy week friends!

The trailer for the new Woody Allen movie ‘Blue Jasmine‘. He’s released a film every Summer for the last few years and enjoying his neurotic conversation alongside bevy of celebrities has become a bit of a Summer tradition

Michael and I discovered Brooklyn Bridge Park this week – we explored Piers 5 and 6 and my are they something! We played Volleyball on the real sand courts and kicked a soccer ball around with a view of Manhattan. We’re going to try and enjoy their pop up pool this week! Brooklyn, you never fail to win my heart.

I just bought How Should A Person Be? by Sheila Heti. I’ve been eyeing the novel all summer and I’ve bought it as my vacation read. I finished the first prologue on the subway home and have already found myself intrigued and bemused.


Weekend Whimsy: Summer Schedule

Usually, Summer’s in New York have very similiar feel. They begin when Michael embraks for Williamstown and end when the last day of August comes to a close. In between there’s a lot of alone time to be had, birthdays to celebrate, yoga classes to sweat through and weekends to spend in the Berkshires. This summer is a little different. Things are growing (and fast) and it is so wonderful. Michael is here to play with all season long (that too is so wonderful) and I’ve had friends and family to celebrate and enjoy (again so wonderful)! But all of this wonder leaves very little time to just enjoy. Last post was long, lazy days of Summer but I fear I spoke too soon. My work and social calendars have been exploding and though I am grateful, I am ready for days of nothing. Long days that start with a lone cup of tea and end with nothing more than a light dinner and a kiss before bed. Here’s to taking this week ahead nice and slow.

I finally bought a copy of Darling Magazine – I love their website and their third issue is the perfect excuse to take myself out for a lemonade and an afternoon of reading. (Also, given this weeks theme check out their article on appreciating the relaxing days of summer!)

This New York Magazine article has been inspiring  me and my business partner – fighting to be a better Brooklyn Girls.

Have you heard of the We Think Alone? It’s a project by artist/creator Miranda July and it’s all about the separation between our inner lives and our online personas. If you follow the project you received 20 emails from the sent mailbox folders of 20 people (the people include Kirsten Dunst, Lena Dunham, Danh Vo, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and more!) It certainly piques your curiosity!

This TED talk – The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown is so inspiring and compelling. I’ve listened to it a number of times!

I hope you all have a nice long, lazy weekend!


The Thick of It


image via pinterest.com

Things are pretty simple these days. There’s a peace of mind that comes with Summer. My work schedule slows down. The days pass lazily. The sun lingers in the sky. And I really try and revel – naps in the park, walks to lemonade stands. All sorts of lovely little details that I’m not so good at enjoying during the winter.

The sun makes me sleepy so I’ve been indulging in early nights and early mornings and looking forward to pending afternoons at the beach. I cannot wait for the exhaustion that only a day at the beach can give you. When your skin tastes like salt and there’s sand in your hair and every part of you feels sun soaked and sleepy. Fortunately, I’m taking a girls weekend to the Hamptons next week so all of my beachy dreams will be fulfilled. In the meantime there’s lots of writing to be done. I’ve been feeling a little lazy. It’s the downside to all that city sun. Though it’s invigorating and relaxing, it tends to result in short bursts of energy followed by a pretty strong desire for a nap. There’s a happy balance somewhere there. I’m really keen to take up yoga again and get back to meditating every morning. I’m feeling a little out of touch with myself and I think it’ll get me feeling centered again. The months have been flying by so fast that I’m having trouble keeping track of everything that’s taken place. Though I love spring and fall – they’re the best times of year in NYC if you ask me – they always rush by so fast! The plants, the weather, the landscape, the temperature, the activities, the clothing; everything is changing and it all feels like a whirlwind. Suddenly we’re spat out the other side in some harsh season where everything is slow and still again. I’m kind of ready for that now. Summer clothes, summer heat, summer adventures, summer laziness, summer fun, summer foods. I’m ready to be in the thick of it because at least I’ll know exactly where I am.



I was blessed with a beautiful weekend filled with good friends, good food and good weather. It was so wonderful to relax and enjoy myself in the company of the people I love. Today, I enjoyed the sunshine while it lasted and now I am sitting in my kitchen listening to the Summer rain. It’s such a refreshing sound. This June is the wettest on record for NYC and while I am usually a sun worshipper, I have found something soothing about theses rainy afternoons. I know the muggy heat of August is ahead of me and I’m trying to enjoy these breaks in the heat while I can. 

Michael and I have planned our Summer trip this year and I’m very excited to share that we will be taking a road trip from Portland, Oregon to Los Angeles, California. We are beyond excited to see the Red Woods, swim in the ocean, camp out near Big Sur and discover the likes of Portland and San Francisco. We haven’t quite figured out our agenda on all of our stops so any recommendations would be wildly appreciated. I am hoping to blog from the road but we all know how well that turned out last time…

I’m also  excited because Michael and I will be flying to Portland via Austin, TX. This means we’ll stay with my dad for two days before we start our drive. One of these days is my birthday. I can’t remember the last time my dad and I got to celebrate my birthday together and I’m really looking forward to sharing it with him! It’s shaping up to be a beautiful summer…

On the topic of my dad, I was sad not be able to spend this Sunday with him celebrating Father’s Day –  he was in my heart all day long. Today’s post is dedicated to my dad who taught me to love words and to always, always pursue happiness. He’s a pretty amazing guy. I think I feel a post all about him brewing…maybe even a short story. For now, I will leave you with this picture of him and I a few days after I was born and encourage you all to call yours dads today. Because a call on Father’s Day is nice, but a call just because is even nicer.

Have a beautiful weeks folks!