Weekend Whimsy: Grey Skies

Seems it will be a pretty grey weekend in Brooklyn over the next few days. Perfect for roasting a chicken, cleaning the apartment and reading a few articles — maybe even writing one.

Looking for books to read this winter? Bustle has pulled together Hannah Horvath’s Reading List and Judy Blume and Lena Dunham curated a reading list for The Cut.

Darling have partnered with Soul Pancake to create the digital series That’s What She Said — their first video looks beautiful and touches on the always interesting concept of body image.

This easy face mask might be a nice addition to a lazy weekend. Plus, a winter skin saver!

Meryl Streep wins every time. Plus, I’m sort of obsessed with the idea that she and Emma Thompson are friends – throw in Diane Keaton and you have my dream dinner party.

Hope it’s a beautiful weekend folks!



Autumn From Afar

Word from New York is that fall has begun but here it’s summer, summer, summer.  Tomorrow I’m going to the farmer’s market to buy as many figs as possible before I have to leave. Otherwise it’s family time day and night.

It’s all a bit of a whirlwind but here are a few things to love this first fall day:

The blog Sarah Lawrence Girls is making me nostalgic for September classes and sharp pencils – some pretty damn fine ladies  coming out of my college if I say so myself.

Fall is the perfect time of year to dress like Diane Keaton – specifically the Annie Hall years.

Rhiannon by Best Coast – the way to start a fall morning. With tea and pancakes and bacon – yes please.