Weekend Whimsy: Grey Skies

Seems it will be a pretty grey weekend in Brooklyn over the next few days. Perfect for roasting a chicken, cleaning the apartment and reading a few articles — maybe even writing one.

Looking for books to read this winter? Bustle has pulled together Hannah Horvath’s Reading List and Judy Blume and Lena Dunham curated a reading list for The Cut.

Darling have partnered with Soul Pancake to create the digital series That’s What She Said — their first video looks beautiful and touches on the always interesting concept of body image.

This easy face mask might be a nice addition to a lazy weekend. Plus, a winter skin saver!

Meryl Streep wins every time. Plus, I’m sort of obsessed with the idea that she and Emma Thompson are friends – throw in Diane Keaton and you have my dream dinner party.

Hope it’s a beautiful weekend folks!



Weekend Whimsy: Summer Schedule

Usually, Summer’s in New York have very similiar feel. They begin when Michael embraks for Williamstown and end when the last day of August comes to a close. In between there’s a lot of alone time to be had, birthdays to celebrate, yoga classes to sweat through and weekends to spend in the Berkshires. This summer is a little different. Things are growing (and fast) and it is so wonderful. Michael is here to play with all season long (that too is so wonderful) and I’ve had friends and family to celebrate and enjoy (again so wonderful)! But all of this wonder leaves very little time to just enjoy. Last post was long, lazy days of Summer but I fear I spoke too soon. My work and social calendars have been exploding and though I am grateful, I am ready for days of nothing. Long days that start with a lone cup of tea and end with nothing more than a light dinner and a kiss before bed. Here’s to taking this week ahead nice and slow.

I finally bought a copy of Darling Magazine – I love their website and their third issue is the perfect excuse to take myself out for a lemonade and an afternoon of reading. (Also, given this weeks theme check out their article on appreciating the relaxing days of summer!)

This New York Magazine article has been inspiring  me and my business partner – fighting to be a better Brooklyn Girls.

Have you heard of the We Think Alone? It’s a project by artist/creator Miranda July and it’s all about the separation between our inner lives and our online personas. If you follow the project you received 20 emails from the sent mailbox folders of 20 people (the people include Kirsten Dunst, Lena Dunham, Danh Vo, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and more!) It certainly piques your curiosity!

This TED talk – The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown is so inspiring and compelling. I’ve listened to it a number of times!

I hope you all have a nice long, lazy weekend!


Weekend Whimsy: Lazy Lady


image via theaccidentalexecutive.tumblr.com

I’m hoping for a very relaxing weekend: sleeping in, watching movies, walking around aimlessly, reading and drinking tea. I’m trying to make a conscious effort to relax and make time for myself. I always work better when I’ve had a little space form the busy, dizzy world out there. Wishing all of you a lazy weekend with long baths and baking.

I quite fancy making Smitten Kitchen‘s coconut bread tomorrow morning.

I found this blog from my college. It’s filled with images of iconic Sarah Lawrence women and lots of photos taken from the school’s archive. It makes me all whimsical for my college days and for the days before I arrived when it was a charming (and pretty wild for a period of time there) playground for women looking to learn.

I recently discovered the website The Great Discontent. It is a journal of interviews with artists and creators. I think it’s going to be my new favorite place for finding new talent and inspiration. The interviews are very compelling and interesting. (Also, I just love the name).

Michael and I saw the Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts at IFC this week. It’s such a fun date and the films are each so different and incredible. My favorite was Fresh Guacamole by the filmmaker PES. it’s so clever and humorous. Don’t you think? His other videos have a similar cheekiness and beauty to them.

Weekend Whimsy

lazy lazy lazy lazy lazy...

A lazy weekend in Brooklyn for this Violet. I intend on laying very close to my fan whilst drinking ice water and reading my book.

I’m also going to see this movie on Sunday afternoon. (NYC movie theaters can afford far more air conditioning than I.) It’s getting great reviews and the writer/director uses a lot of improv in her films. I love directors who leave room for actors to play and create. I think it  gives film a sense of spontaneity. Reviews to follow.

I’m also listening to Fiona Apple’s new album non-stop. I read this article on her before I listened. I think the journalist fell in love with her a little and I really like it.

My favorite Moth Story. Thank God she didn’t have Facebook…

I had the bread rolls at the John Dory Oyster Bar at the Ace Hotel this week. They are so good. Like perfectly hot and salty and crusty and too, too good to imagine. Thank God they are $5. It would be dangerous if they were any cheaper.

I plan on staying cool by making a pitcher of this.

On the 4th I learned that Rockaway Beach now has a Caracas and a Steve’s Ice Cream. So much goodness and a beach? Brooklyn (I think it is technically Queens) you treat us well.

Happy weekend folks.