Weekend Whimsy: Sundays

Some late whimsy but whimsy neverthless. A few reads and recipes from around the web to make your Sunday morning a little more delicious. I’ll be cozied up drinking tea and reading articles with Michael.


I want nothing more to walk into my kitchen this morning and find that some wonderful Sunday Morning Fairy has whipped up these homemade English Crumpets. If that doesn’t end up being the case, I’ll probably just bake them next Saturday afternoon.

Embrace your inner Stone Fox Hippie this morning and read Molly Guy’s interview on The Coveteur. It’s an oldie but a goodie. And now I have a new dream for the end of my wedding day – cake in bed followed by ribs at Five Leaves.

And whilst we’re embracing hippies, this NYMag article on the cult versus the culture of Yoga is quite lovely (and very correct).

I’m seriously considering following The Man Repeller’s advice and going on an iPhone cleanse – it sounds sort of magical. I’m one of those people who secretly loves when they lose their phone or it breaks because it means I’m unreachable and it’s not my fault. Is that super weird? Maybe.

And finally, some inspiration for next week — everything sounds better when Ira Glass says it.





Sometimes you return to New York energized, invigorated, rested and relaxed. Ready to take on the world, conquer the city, stay up all night dancing and discovering.

And sometimes you return to New York and it’s loud and fast and smelly and you feel quite simple like cuddling up in your bed. Suffice to say, I’m feeling the latter.

So this week, I’ve been a little indulgent. I’ve called my bed my office more than once. I’ve worn pajamas until 2 and drank Breakfast Tea well past breakfast time. I’m trying to be kind to myself about it, promising that’s it’s just for this week (whilst I’m adjust to the insane pace of city life).  I also make myself a bargain: office in bed = you must go to yoga class. It clears my head a bit and it makes me feel far less guilty. Plus, it usually energizes me.

Letting yourself slow down, take a breath and catch up isn’t a bad thing. In a city like New York you really have to remind yourself of that. It feels so lazy, so indulgent. But some part of me knows this time is actually critical to all that time I spend cavorting around the city.


Back to bed I go friends.